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7 Best Blog Content Writing Services for Quality Content

If you are a digital marketer or blogger then you must be understanding the importance of the content. Getting quality content is not that easy and every marketer and bloggers keep on searching for the best content writings services for their blogs.

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Although there are thousands of freelance content writers and content writing service providers when it comes to quality, usually you will have to compromise.

You can find hundreds of posts like below floating across social media where people are looking for the quality content writer. And when I say, a quality content writer that means content which is well researched and self-explanatory.

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If you are still not sure what is quality content, then you should look for these quality content features.

Features of Quality Content

Here are some of the important quality content features which you should have in your next blog post-

  • The message should be clear. For example, here we are writing for blog content writing services and so should be focused on it.
  • Content should be focused on the message
  • Titles should indicate the sequence of topics
  • Content should be well researched and data-driven
  • Required images/reference/videos should be in the content
  • It should be SEO optimized and of adequate length

These were some of the quality content features which you should have in your next blog post or any content.

Even when I started outsourcing some of the content for my clients, I found it very hard to get the kind of content I was looking for. I evaluated few writers from my Facebook network and also tried few top micro-job sites, but all didn’t work.

This asked me to try some other blog content writing services and this post is all about these. Based on my experience in three years where I have explored multiple blog content writing services, this post has been crafted.

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Let’s start and see the best content writing services for you!

7 Best blog content writing services to look for

Based on my experience and reviews available across multiple sites and users, here are the 10 best content writing services providers. Using these best content writing services, you will be able to get the best content for your blog or websites.

#1 Risement

If you are looking for the best service for blog management, Risement blog management service is for you. Risement offers excellent quality of content which will rank in search engine and will also generate you good leads. If you are a company and not able to manage your blog, then it’s time to outsource your blog content to Risement and focus on another business aspect.

Risement’s dedicated team will ensure that the contents are getting published on your blog regularly and should be of high quality. Here are some of our offering for blog content writing service-

Risement Blog Management Service

No matter what package you are subscribing, you will be eligible for the following benefits-

  • Customized message for Facebook and Twitter for each article
  • We will promote it through your social media pages (if allowed access)
  • Our team may also publish the blog posts on your website’s blog (if given access)
  • Proper cautions will be taken care while publishing the post like SEO optimization, content interlinking, etc.

Here are some of the features of Risement blog posting services-

  • Quality content is well researched
  • All blog posts will be data and record driven
  • Free from errors and plagiarism
  • Will have required reference links, images, and videos
  • Very cheap compared to the market

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#2 Freelancing websites

I always keep the top micro job niche site at the top as you have many options to get your work done. Currently, I have two VA who work for me remotely and both I hired from the freelancing website itself. There are multiple micro job websites for getting your small work like content writing is done and you should definitely explore those. The best thing about these freelancing websites are, you will have loads of options to get a single work done. For example,

  • You can post your work and ask writers to put their bid and can select the best
  • You can have a list of options with multiple writers, you can check their prior work and reviews and based on these decisions if you want to go ahead.
  • As you will have lots of options available there and so prices are very competitive
  • Usually, writers provide one or two revisions as well and so you can craft it as per your need.

Usually, the price for articles of 1000 words on these starts at $10 and can go up to $50 depending on the niche, quality, optimizations, etc.

#3 BlogHands

Blog hands is a quality content writing company providing quality contents to all kind of audiences for years. You can either-

  • Get your blog content written
  • Or even can hire a dedicated blog team as well

Their pricing starts at $0.1 per word that means for a 1000 words article, you may need to pay somewhere $100 which is the mid-range price. Although you will find it more compared to the freelancing websites but here the quality will be better for sure. Moreover, someone will be always there to help you out. The three things they focus on contents are-

  • SEO optimized content
  • Social media friendly
  • And the content which can generate leads

And here are the simple 4-step process to get any content written and delivered-

  • Choose the plan of how many words and how many articles needed
  • Share your website link so that they can analyze it before writing content for it
  • The writer will start writing the content
  • And finally, the content will be delivered to you

#4 ContentMart [Closed]

ContentMart is another leading and dedicated website to get your content written. This is also like a freelancing website only but dedicated to content production. You can post your requirements and let writers place their bids and sample. You can even chat with the writers and ask for the sample content from them.

You can find a detailed ContentMart review here and features are as below-

  • Different price for different level and experienced writers
  • For the Standard plan, the price starts at $3 per 1000 words of content
  • Content will be optimized for the SEO
  • It will be free from plagiarism and will be readable for sure even for the basic plan

#5 ContentRunner

ContentRunner is another freelancing content writing website like ContentMart for best blog content services. You can get the quality content written which ranks and convert. ContentRunner is also one of the largest freelancing websites for content writing and delivers quality content for your business. Most of the writers available with ContentRunner are English native and so the language quality will be excellent.

This is kind of SAAS platform for the content writing service where you can create topics, assign tasks to writers, edit and publish content, pay to the writers, collect W-9’s, use Copyscape and can track the status of the work.

Here are some of the features I found with ContentRunner which may need your attention-

  • You can decide your own pricing. But make sure you put the competitive price so that freelancers can bid on your project
  • Have quality writers from all the niches and domains
  • Complete transparent process and portal

#6 TextBroker

TextBroker is another leading blog content writing services company providing quality content to the blogs and businesses. They have the following two services while providing the content-
Self-service- here you can decide the price and choose the author with whom you want your content to get written

Managed service- Here TextBroker will do the entire work. You will get the final deliverable and rest of the things will be managed by the TextBroker company.

The price depends on the level of the content you need and the experience of writers. It starts at 1.3 cents/word and can go up to 7.2/word. That means for a 1000 words article, you need to pay around $13-$72.

You can also avail the managed services of TextBroker if you have budget starting from $2500. Here everything will be taken care of by TextBroker. If you are looking for some automate content solution, TextBroker managed services can be one of the best help for you.

#7 CrowdContent

CrowdContent is also a leading blog content writing services company helping you get the quality content for your website and social media. They offer you blog content, social media content, e-commerce content, metadata, and much more.

The turnaround time of CrowdContent is amazing and you can expect quick content then promised. The pricing depends on the level of writers and for a 1000 word of content, the price starts at $22 and can go up to $120.

Wrapping it up!

These were 7 best blog content writing services companies. If you are looking for the amazing content writing services, you may choose any of these content delivery services and focus on the other part of the business.

If you have used any other amazing content writing services companies, feel free to let us know and we will include in our post here.

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